Chasing Ivy Unveils Captivating New Single – Bonnie and Clyde

Following the success of their debut single ‘I Hate You Taylor Swift,‘ Chasing Ivy has returned with another captivating release, ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’ ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is a modern-day anthem that explores the allure and danger of a forbidden romance. The song tells the story of two outcasts who find solace in each other, even […]

Brandon Birdwell announces new album!

Brandon Birdwell announces new album!

Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter Brandon Birdwell has announced to release his latest musical offering, the captivating album ‘How Have I Let You Down?’. This introspective and emotionally resonant work showcases Birdwell’s unique blend of folk and indie-pop, creating a sound that lingers in the listener’s mind long after the final notes fade away. The Songs Everything & […]

Chasing Ivy drops first Single – I Hate You Taylor Swift

Rising star Chasing Ivy has made a bold entrance into the music industry with her debut single, I Hate You Taylor Swift. The track, a raw and unapologetic expression of heartbreak, has garnered immediate attention and sparked a buzz among music lovers. STAY TUNED! Instagram Tiktok Whatsapp Spotify Youtube music more news

Smiling – the new EP of Angie Haze

Smiling - the new EP of Angie Haze, FBP Music Publishing, News

American indie artist Angie Haze has recently released her new EP, ‘Smiling,’ a collection of five tracks that showcase her unique blend of pop music songwriting. The title track, ‘Smiling,’ is a testament to her ability to craft catchy, relatable tunes, while the opener, ‘Coversong ‘Neverending Story,” serves as an amazing teaser of the soundscape […]

The H&M Outlet Stores & our Artists

The H&M Outlet Stores in the UK have been playing several songs from FBP Music Publishing’s roster of artists, giving them the exposure they need to reach a wider audience. This partnership not only benefits the artists but also enhances the shopping experience for customers, as they are exposed to a diverse range of music […]

Air France: Right Where I Belong

As passengers settle into their seats on Air France’s transatlantic flights, they are in for a musical treat. The soothing melodies and captivating lyrics of Brandon Birdwell’s song ‘Right Where I Belong’ from his EP ‘Cardinal & The Coast’ are playing through the plane’s speakers, creating the perfect soundtrack for their journey. STAY TUNED! Instagram […]