Floco Torres

MLK once said that “we must accept our finite circumstances, but we must never lose infinite hope”. This sentiment rings especially true for Ohio-based artist Floco Torres, whose struggles earlier in life have paved the way for the deeply personal, grounded, and motivational lyricism that has evolved into a robust career in hip-hop. Citing influences […]


Fern ab von der heißdiskutierten „Quote für deutschsprachige Musik” macht NEVERMIND Punkrock mit deutschen Texten. Dominierten früher hauptsächlich lockere, spaßige Themen, sind auch … Youtube Spotify Amazon Apple Deezer License

Chasing Ivy

Chasing Ivy was started right before the pandemic by Lindsay Boreing, a Texas-raised girl with roots from- as she jokes, “the deep south”… she’s half Texan and half Australian. Lindsay grew up touring Texas with her sisters in the pop country group “The Long Girlz”, as well as, selling out bars and theaters as lead […]

Angie Haze

We give you, Angie Haze. The Italian American singer songwriter, who brings a caravan of energetic vaudevillians with her on the stage! This memorable ensemble consists of keys, bass, drums, cello, violin, clarinet, saxophone, mandolin, and classical guitar, varying with each show! Haze says, “With our folk and worldly musical style and rhythm, we make […]