Church Of Elder

Church of Elder founded 1985 in Fulda by Mario Kurätzki and Norman Meiritz – who had been making music together since their youth – the boys started out as a school band and later formed the “Smalltown Band“ with Alfred Hahner and Norman’s twin brother Frank, which later became “Killarney“ and finally “Church of Elder“ […]

Sam Reaver

Sam Reaver is still “banging out on the real instruments” and thank God he still is. He not only focuses on great positive lyrics but merges that with nice vocals and a genuine indie-rock-pop composition. It brings back some of the old 90s songs for us, but it also floods us with good spirits. Instagram […]


Fiveoclockcharlie fiveoclockcharlie is the very embodiment of Georgia Long. Previously of the bands The Long Girlz, The Shock, and The Alchemists, Georgia is finally stepping out onto the music scene as a solo artist and putting out the music previously kept only for herself. By constantly performing professionally and moving back and forth between TX, […]

Ragdoll Sunday

Ragdoll Sunday is a progressive rock band with a line up from across Europe. They blend a number of influences from the rock musical spectrum, resulting in a range of styles with both a personal & political lyricism to them. Youtube Spotify Amazon Apple Deezer License

Brandon Birdwell

After years away from making music Oklahoma singer-songwriter Brandon Birdwell decided it was time to write and record the aptly named “Honest Try EP”. Equipped with a fully analog set up in a closet in his house he set out to compose two EPs of all new material and that’s exactly what he did. “Honest […]